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A kaleidoscope of colored glass pieces and a string of glass ruby beads… I turn them against the sun and do not stop admiring their beauty… and also glass balls in which you can see unknown distant worlds…. My childhood memories. I had no idea what a significant role glass would play in my life. The desire to learn, search, explore and understand led me to great teachers. Whether it was in the Italian Ravenna, Venice or England. However, one teacher influenced me in a fundamental way and gave a new direction to my steps - maestra Miriam di Fiore, a native of Argentina, living in Italy. She taught me how to listen to glass and how to communicate with it, because even glass has its own soul and its own language. And if a person is humble and patient, glass will show itself in all its beauty.


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DOA 2022 Eva Edler

A glimpse into Eva Edler’s studio and work – Hradec Králové Center for Artistic Activities.

Český rozhlas 2

The artist Eva Edler creates wonderful glass mosaics and paintings in the solitude of the valley of Bolkovského potok in Rudník in the Giant Mountains. She even learned this art from masters in Italy and Great Britain. Now he will invite you to his studio and present his work to you.

Český rozhlas

The glass mosaic fascinates me, you can play with colors and shapes with it, laughs artist Eva Edler.